How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Using Covert Cameras

Not only was I unsure of how to catch a cheating spouse for a long time, my husband also happened to be too wily for me. He met his match with covert surveillance devices I ran across serendipitously while surfing web sites.

Here is my two cents? worth. I reckon attached men and women out there could use some assistance in how to catch a cheating spouse. Connected to 24 department of defense satellites, the Minitrak Pro is the tiniest GPS tracker I have discovered so far.

Size matters, the Eyeball DVR Camera being no bigger than a ping pong ball. Motion activated, it records by itself using a built-in DVR. With a 2 GB micro SD card, the handy Pen Style Micro Color Camcorder can also be left alone to record.

What could be more ignorable than a plain black box? The Black Box DVR Cam Kit, a complete system of spy camera plus DVR, teaches a crucial lesson in how to catch a cheating spouse: watch them without their knowing.

Another all-inclusive tool with built-in recorder, the DVR Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with power cord wears the perfect household disguise. The Eyeview System utilizes a plug & play IP camera so you can view the recording remotely on the internet.

I first took an interest in how to catch a cheating spouse after my partner purchased a second cell phone that seemed to be a wrong number call magnet. The SIM Spy Pro, which retrieves text messages and other mobile phone data, took care of that.

For filing all dialed and answered calls and 2,000 inbound and outbound SMS, the Phone Manager Plus works. The Keyshark Keystroke Logger has 2 MB of memory keeping score of all keystrokes typed on the computer, such as passwords.

An MPEG recorder as compact as a deck of cards, the Pocketmate DVR is packed with the features of advanced security recorders. More importantly, I was ready to face the truth. I had the answers and covert surveillance devices added the full stop.

Ronne B Saas is a well known expert on home safety including how to catch a cheating spouse. He specializes in using the newest technology in hidden cameras and surveillance systems. If you want to learn how to protect your children you will find many choices of nanny cams.