How Technology is Making Life Simpler for the Logistics Industry

One of the oldest industries in the world, the logistics industry escaped streamlining for a long while. This was because there were no big names in the industry, and not many wanted to invest money in a business that was work force hungry and required huge investments, multiregional presence and a highly skilled workforce.

Research has shown that people driving vehicles lead few of the most stressed lives, and not many corporate companies had the inclination to handle such a business. However, all that has changed now, with newer technology making life easier for the logistics industry. Here are some ways in which newer technology has made logistics simpler.

Better vehicles mean a happier workforce. Gone are the days when a dilapidated truck was the only vehicle you could rely on to transport your valuables from one far-flung place to another. Today, multinationals have invested in the logistics market, and have a fleet of the top rung vehicles at your service – whether you want to transport some small valuable or all the furniture of your house.

The availability of different kinds of vehicles has made it simpler and affordable for clients too. They no longer have to pay for a heavy vehicle even if their consignment does not call for one. In some cases, they can even book requisite space in a bigger truck instead of booking a smaller vehicle.

Newer, better technology has come up with better vehicles that not just provide better features and comfort to the driver, but ensure better driving conditions and therefore, more safety and security to the customer’s property. Nowadays, air conditioned vehicles, comfortable driving seats, and even portable refrigerators are quite common in vehicles that are available for logistics.

Nascent technologies like GPS and wireless internet have played an important role in enabling the logistics market to serve their customers better. With GPS and wireless internet, businesses can keep a track of their vehicles, and give second to second updates about where the truck and the consignment are at any given moment. These services are quite helpful not just in the day-to-day activities in the logistics market, but are a godsend in unfortunate situations where the vehicle has met an accident, or waylaid because of weather conditions.

This technology is seeing some quick enhancement, and the user has little or no role in the working of the GPS settings and the system. Some are plug and play, while others need installation. In some cases, the GPS installation provides free smart phone applications, through which one can keep a tab on not just a single vehicle, but the entire fleet too.

These technologies are making a difference to the logistics market and more and more logistics companies are enhancing their business by adding these devices and more. Several manufacturers and retailers now offer GPS devices, and some of them even have websites. These websites offer information about the device, as well as how to buy and procure them. has been offering state-of-the-art and leading-edge gps vehicle tracking systems for fleets of all sizes.