How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Save Your Company A Bundle Of Money

Are you confused by seemingly excessive vehicle costs? Are you having difficulty explaining why it costs 40% more to operate a specific company car than it costs to operate your own personal vehicle? It might be time to take control of this significant portion of your company’s operating expense. The way to take charge is with GPS vehicle tracking.

You probably remember that UPS made news a few years ago by having their drivers make right turns only. This grew out of analysis of how the drivers were using time and fuel. Most left turns require a wait. Waiting costs money. This is typical of the kind of data and decision-making that can derive from GPS vehicle tracking. It is also typical of the ways companies of all sizes use GPS vehicle tracking data to make decisions that immediately impact the bottom line by reducing operating cost.

The information gathered by the GPS vehicle tracking devices in test vehicles calculated the average wait times – either for traffic lights or for traffic to clear the intersection – when drivers made left turns. This information indicated how to save time. They also calculated the amount of fuel used by the truck while waiting to turn. This information indicated how to save fuel. They were then able to calculate wasted time and wasted fuel in dollars. Once expanded to a corporate level, they decided that making left turns was too costly to continue.

Even more enlightening information was gathered by the Dyersburg, TN city government after they received angry complaints from city residents about long delays in responding to calls for trash pickup. The city installed GPS vehicle tracking and analyzed the data it gathered over a brief period of time. The waste they discovered is not uncommon, but it is worth considering. They found reasons for customer complaints and frustration. But they also discovered driver actions that needed correction. The driver actions included such things as: driving all day, except for lunch and breaks, without ever stopping, personal use of city vehicles at night and on weekends, wasteful habits like taking unnecessarily long routes to destinations, picking up a small amount of trash and going to the dump before picking up the next small amount of trash.

These are simply two well-publicized examples of the benefits companies derive from GPS vehicle tracking. Other kinds of data provided by these systems could include:

– driving speed (fuel efficiency is lost when speed exceeds 60 mph).

– unsafe or inefficient driving habits.

– identification of more efficient routes

– leaving vehicles idling for a long time

– capability for identifying the closest vehicle to an emergency need

– wasting time at a particular location

All of this information then becomes the basis for helping drivers exercise better driving habits, identify consistent habits that reduce efficiency, and even document reasons for some customer complaints. The ability to activate warning systems, for example, for bad driving habits and to communicate more efficient alternate routes is just the beginning of the value to a company of GPS vehicle tracking to a business of any size.

GPS vehicle tracking systems enable you to even extend the life of your vehicles. It can help you identify and correct driving habits that are harmful to engines. It can also help you identify problem employees, identify several kinds of waste, prove unauthorized use of vehicles and find ways to make your drivers and your vehicles more efficient. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can help your employees become more reliable and consistent. You can cut costs while improving productivity; and this will result in increased profit.

With GPS vehicle tracking your company can streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase profits by facilitating the kinds of savings that directly and proportionately improve your bottom line. Because GPS vehicle tracking is inexpensive, you will probably see instant benefits when the devices are installed in your company vehicles.

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