GPS Vehicle Tracking: No More Hassles

Does your business maintain a fleet of vehicles and drivers? The responsibility can be crushing! The vehicles and equipment are pricey to replace if missing or damaged. Soaring fuel costs cut deeply into your business’s profits. Drivers can be frustratingly inefficient, if not downright dishonest. Customers gripe about late deliveries. The responsibilities that come with shepherding a fleet of vehicles are many.

There is help, however. GPS vehicle tracking can eradicate all sorts of headaches. GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a real time way of following the location of any vehicle carrying a tracking device. Designed and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense, it is also open to civilian use. It works by using a constellation of twenty-four satellites which broadcast signals to receivers that compute the information to pinpoint not only location, but speed, direction of travel, and time. The accuracy is amazing, and more and more applications are being found all the time.

The benefits for businesses with a huge vehicle fleet are readily apparent. Drivers who know they are being monitored are more likely to perform responsibly. Knowing that their stops and idling time are recorded, they complete deliveries quicker and refrain from excessive “pit stops”. This simultaneously increases productivity and reduces overtime hours. Speeding is also reduced. Overall, fuel costs are lowered and time is saved.

Because of GPS tracking, businesses are able to offer admirable customer service. They can quickly tell a customer where a driver is and exactly when to expect a delivery. Also, the report logs can be helpful in settling disputes with customers.

Businesses who use GPS vehicle tracking devices, whether cellular based, wireless, or satellite, report significant savings. So many of the frustrations that used to come with running a fleet are erased. No longer do you have to send a truckload of merchandise out into the world like a message in a bottle, hoping that it arrives intact and punctually. With GPS, you know.

If you’re in the market for the latest GPS vehicle tracking devices, make sure you purchase your system from a respected GPS tracking company.