GPS Vehicle Tracker – How It Works

The GPS vehicle tracker has arrived as a huge benefit for business entrepreneurs, especially those who have a commercial fleet of vehicles to handle. Most often, the fleet can be a huge one. Keeping track of all of them at any point in time could be a real challenge. It would be important to monitor the movements and direction of your vehicles to ensure safe transfer and prompt services. You need to be in a position to track the progress and update the customer at regular intervals.

A GPS vehicle tracker could also come in handy for troubleshooting purposes. When you track the progress of the vehicle, you can also be aware of on road problems causing delays. You can change vehicle routes or provide suitable solutions for dealing effectively with these situations. Real time access to your vehicles can actually keep you incomplete control of your goods, even when they are on the move. This helps you remain accountable and completely hands on.

GPS Tracker-Basic Workings

In order to detect the location of your fleet, each of your vehicles need to be registered with the tracking system. A receiver unit will be placed inside each of these vehicles. The registration takes place through satellite signals. The satellite can suitably detect the coordinates of the vehicles regardless of where they are. This input is then transformed into latitude and longitude readings, which translate into a map and is displayed on your computer monitor through the internet.

The mapping technology used by such a tracker is truly precise. Not only will it tell you about the location of the vehicle but it will also detect the direction as well as the speed at which it has been travelling. Therefore, you can actually oversee and judge the driving qualities of your staff and assess exactly how long the vehicles have been on the streets. This way,

you do not lose track of your fleet even for a moment. They are supervised continually as they travel to far off destinations. In case your vehicle encounters an unfortunate accident, you will immediately be aware of the same. The system works like a GPS tracker in that it uses data push technology. Therefore, you can receive actual updates in real time. This means you can actually send replacement vehicles for client servicing, should there be the need. This will help you to serve your clients better.

The Technology

The GPS vehicle tracker works on a simple technology. The satellite broadcasts the position of the carrier along with the time. A satellite calculates the distance from the tracker to the receiver by the amount of time it takes the tracking signal to travel from the vehicle to the receiver. This data is then sent to the processing unit and the modem. This in turn goes to the data center via a wireless network. Finally, the data is inserted in a range of database servers that you can simply login to so you can access it as and when you desire. You can gauge the location of the vehicle and the street map in great detail as well.

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