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OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS provides SIM based GPS Vehicle Tracking System which is reliable in design, compact and high performance. It is one of the popular and reliable well-known company for GPS vehicle tracking solutions. We consistently provide GPS vehicle tracking systems in market which is a superior consolidation of desktop and wireless telecom technologies. Generally used by fleet operators for fleet management system. Also favored in consumer vehicles as theft prevention. Police can simply follow the GPS vehicle tracking device signal and locate the stolen vehicle. Used to trail the location on Real-time basis. The GPS Vehicle tracking systems have got the features such as live tracking, records of the movements, Geo fencing, Over Speed alerts etc.

Helpful tools for monitoring fleet of vehicles. A real-time vehicle tracking device enables you to get up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including SMS or email alerts. If you are awestruck whether your driver has gone off or if you’re teen has been speeding, these devices give you the answers you need. Precise reports tell you exactly where a vehicle has been; headed and how fast it is traveling.

Fleet Management is not an easy job, calling each driver to extract the location is just ruining your time and power. We provides an extensive fleet management solution; this operation reduces costs as you save on fuel and labour expenses through productive routing and dispatching. You stay in control of fleet at all times and get alerts when your vehicle is being squandered. We simplifies the use of Fleet Dashboard and enables you to access overall fleet information on a single application.

OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS offers GPS Vehicle Trackers for the clients. GPS tracking hardware is tiny and convenient to install. Apart from that GPS hardware comes with user friendly tracking application which enables you to trail, report and also can store all the information of your vehicle including the pace and the mileage information. On the other hand it is simple to install in to vehicles. These GPS vehicles trackers also have Track playback, Can track vehicles on real-time and set track playback at a certain time.

How do OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS GPS vehicle tracking system work???
The vehicle or the fleets you need to track are installed with a handy GPS vehicle tracking hardware. Real-time information of velocity, distance and position are captured and transmitted to server in real-time. We after receiving the data from server, enable the vehicle tracking information available to you on your own GPS tracking account which is password protected on tracking application. By employing GPS Tracking devices and application, you will be enabled to get alerts on over speeding, futile stops to monitor undesired driving behavior, customizable fleet reports which leads to cost efficiency.

Some of the features are Geo-fencing (Enables you to set a pre-defined area on map for your vehicle, upon crossing the pre-defined area which you will be alerted via SMS or E-mail, consists back up battery, in case the GPS device has cut-off from main power source it will continue to operate, backlogs retrievable data, even if the vehicle travels beyond the network area.

Some of the benefits of OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS GPS are Know the location of your fleet vehicles, building a customer friendly business, Ease of recovery if the vehicle is stolen, stop to unsanctioned trips, minimized Fuel costs, review the driving of hired drivers with inputs on over speeding, precise reports to optimize the business

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