GPS Tracking Technology Used In Several Commercial Fields

Most people are familiar with the many personal uses for GPS tracking. You may have seen them on your favorite tv show, or you may have a friend who has used them. Many consumers use small portable GPS trackers for personal uses: tracking a spouse, tracking a teenager, even tracking a child in a crowd. More and more businesses are turning on to this cheap and easy to use technology. Such as…

Fleet Tracking of Service Vehicles – Any business dispatching multiple automobiles around town will naturally be able to save money if they can see at a glance each vehicles location. This is especially important when you are billing by the minute. Taxi companies reduce time wasted by drivers and give better service from knowing the real time location of the drivers. Delivery or repair companies can dispatch the closest unit at a glance. GPS can also be used to study the idle time, start and stop reports, and speed reports to cut wasteful driving habits.

Asset Tracking- Using GPS to track a particular shipment has been widely used by the federal reserve to track cash, and by the military to track their military assets. Now even smaller businesses are getting the ability to track their assets. Home builders are buying GPS to bust theft rings stealing appliances out of new homes being built. Construction companies are using GPS to track large pieces of machinery. Ease of portability, longer battery life, and smaller size are making it easier to track any asset that tends to be a big loss to a company.

Car Lots – Now tote-the-note car lots are selling cars with GPS installed. Typically they keep the technology inactive with the intention of remotely securing the car if payments are not met. GPS can tell the repo man exactly where the car is, and can even turn the motor off, making their job much easier. Gps vehicle trackers are turning out to be the most useful security features in modern day automobiles.

Executive Tracking – Many companies are offering GPS to their highest level executives as a sort of insurance. These key employees may be prone to kidnapping, or may have travel required that could lend them lost. These smallest GPS are body worn and include a panic button to let them know immediately when a problem occurs.

Pet tracker – GPS pet trackers are now being used extensively for the safety of pets. You can see many pet owners these days using pet trackers to keep an eye on their pets.

There are many more uses and new uses being invented everyday for GPS products. Businesses must keep exploring their options with this technology

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