GPS Rating Systems – Read GPS Reviews Before Buying Your GPS Device

A full review of General Positioning Satellite (GPS) review is required in order to buy the best possible GPS device. Due to the wide options offered to you, choosing one GPS device can be a daunting experience. An unbiased GPS review from independent people can be a huge boon for the selection process. Some GPS systems are very expensive, so before opening your cheque book, you should try to get as much information as possible about it.

There are many websites offering GPS reviews, the most important being Here you will find a full test of nearly all GPS systems and rate them on their reliability, performance and usability.

GPS reviews include all information about popular brands such as Delorme, Magellan, Garmin and so forth. Reviews highlighted all good points as well as dark ones. These reviews are refreshed frequently as new brands are released or old models are enhanced. GPS review websites also offer latest news about the GPS technology as soon as they are released.

There are many other sources of GPS reviews such as magazines. For instance the well known PC Magazine also comes up with several GPS reviews. Another source of GPS reviews is by the means of search websites such as Google.

The enterprise Consumer Reports is also another source of comprehensive GPS reviews about main brands and all types of GPS devices.

Generally speaking, you must read unbiased and complete GPS reviews before purchasing a GPS device. As this help you select the best possible GPS device that meet your needs and waits. GPS reviews are designed to give a brief overview and a full report of pros and cons of GPS devices to customers before they formally decide to purchase it. There are many places where you can get reliable GPS reviews: either on the Internet or dedicated magazines. All these reviews are unbiased, accurate and well written.

You may have never heard about a GPS review so I will describe what it looks like. I will cover a Magellan GPS Roadmate 2200T which will be described in depth in another article. The 2200T has a current retail price of around $ 400. For that price, it’s in competition with Garmin’s c530, which is essentially a c330 that’s been upgraded with SiRF’s receiver. If you want absolute ease-of-use, then I recommend that Garmin c530 over the RoadMate 2200T. Garmin’s interface is slightly easier to use than Magellan’s one and their routing engine can’t be beat at all. However, if you fancy more options such as multi-destination routing, route exclusion, Text-to-Speech, and a traffic jam add-on capability, or are interested in a cross-over GPS that can be upgraded for outdoor purposes, therefore you should opt for the RoadMate. If you are thinking about an Alpine Blackbird, or TomTom ONE, I recommend the Magellan RoadMate 2200T over both those units. The 2200T is a better unit than the One or the Blackbird. Compared to Garmin, it is more a question of your needs and waits.

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