GPS JVC System – Description of the GPS JVC System: JVC KV-PX70

JVC is a Japanese worldwide electronic company making TVs and radios. It was founded in 1927 and its slogan in The Perfect Experience. JVC have recently released a GPS system which features a lightweight, handheld and all-in-one browsing technology and includes recent breakthroughs available nowadays. These include Integrated TMC Receiver, built-in European Maps, Bluetooth, Audio/Video tools, and latest SVOX Text-to-Speech (TTS) Technology.

In essence, GPS JVC system provides a straightforward mechanism and interface to track your own position, speed and direction at a given time. JVC’s new “Plug & Ride” GPS Navigation System KV-PX70 is nothing more than a browsing, well-equipped and mobile communication tool. With its 11 centimeter touch screen, the tool can be installed directly in a vehicle without further tweaking. It also has built-in technologies such as Bluetooth, outstanding voice output, JPEG picture viewer, outstanding music and video playback supporting the following formats: MP3, WMA, JPEG and WMV.

JVC has established and is well known electronics vendor. They are recognized as Japanese television and VHS video recorder pioneers. They used to be a sponsor of one English Premier League club, namely Arsenal. The GPS JVC system is a latest breakthrough. According to reports, the GPS industry is recording stunning revenues of about $ 12 billion per annum. That is why the GPS JVC System is working harder and harder in order to be the leader of this lucrative market.

The GPS JVC system is equipped with TMC receivers and Traffic Master that can help avoid road congestions. Graphics are rendered in 2D and 3D and the names of cities and avenues and features offered by the TMC transmitted traffic news are provided by the SVOX TTS technology. The GPS JVC system provides an interface to look for relevant information. You can record a maximum of 30 journeys recently completed. This device also provides many search features in order to ease your life.

The GPS JVC system provides to the driver the opportunity to choose the most suitable navigation suggestion. He can also set several criteria according to his specific needs for defining good routes. For instance he can ask the device to classify different routes by their relative distance or speed to get there. This is therefore the perfect way around the problem of getting rid of prohibited routes and traffic jams.

Previous GPS JVC system users give a positive appraisal of the device by claiming that it is straightforward, smart, clever and secure. It can also be coupled with a mobile phone through the Bluetooth technology in order to make it more useful. It can also be used as a hand-free tool increasing users’ safety and reaching their final destinations rapidly along the most optimal path.

Briefly speaking, GPS JVC system is a navigation system for cars offering high performance GPS as well as the Plug and Ride portable navigation unit. It can be perfectly used as a travelling guide as it offers amazing features for a trip. Its information display panel includes traffic information, route information and destination information. Its multiple route calculation options include the possibility to choose between the fast, short and economic route and the ability to avoid motorway, ferry and toll road. With all these great features, it is definitely the best travelling aid you could ever have.

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