GPS Fleet Tracking

When you can get something just as good for free, wouldn’t you want to do so? Wouldn’t it be better to get the same functionality from some product or software without having to pay for it? The obvious answer to this is yes, and it is especially true when thinking about GPS fleet tracking software.


You can’t get around it, GPS fleet tracking software is anything but cheap. Small and large companies alike are beginning to realize that the cost savings that fleet tracking will bring have a substantial start up cost, but this generally pays for itself rather quickly – within two to five years depending on the current state of your fleets management.


What if you could increase the “pay back” time that fleet tracking has? One way to do this is to go with free, open source GPS fleet tracking software.


Because you don’t pay the reoccurring fees associated with this type of fleet tracking account you can increase the speed at which your initial investment will pay for itself with costs savings in fuel and improved worker efficiency.


Utilizing open source GPS fleet tracking software is something that any sized business can do but is particularly useful for small businesses. This is because many small businesses don’t have the cash flow or initial capital to make the large investment that vehicle tracking equipment and services require.


Open source software is completely free for companies and individuals to use and make improvements to. Just know that you will be exchanging some of your time to get this tracking solution up and running because you will need to become knowledgeable in how to operate it or you will need to train an employee to do so. This exchange of time for money will make sense for some companies, especially where capital is tight or you have an intelligent employee who needs a new and challenging task.


Unfortunately, there are not a lot of widely available open source fleet tracking software packages available today. The ones that are, however, are certainly competitive with paid tracking software and do a great job of being accessible to the person who wants to explore this avenue to improve their business performance.


Going open source is not going to be the best option for every business or fleet, but it should be a consideration if fleet tracking is on the table. Going this route will enable you to be in full control of your vehicle tracking and provide you with the important information you are going to need to make wise decisions about vehicle maintenance and employee performance.


Information is key in business, and open source GPS fleet tracking software is one way to get that information for you and your business.

I am intrested in mobile tracking devices and the way they operate. I have used many of them throughout the years so it is a keen interest of mine

GPS Fleet Tracking