GPS Fleet Tracking Saves Gas

Everyone is feeling the squeeze brought on by increased fuel prices. The from private citizens to public corporations, we are all impacted by rising energy costs and we are all looking for ways to make our driving more efficient. You see, efficiency means savings.

One way that business can save money is to implement a GPS fleet tracking solution.

The reason for this is that there are generally five things that come up over and over again in discussion of efficient driving practices. Probably the first that gets mentioned is to reduce speed. Studies have repeatedly shown that fuel economy suffers significantly (17.1 percent) as speeds increase from 50 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour. The application of this is obvious – have drivers operate their vehicles at slow speeds.

According to Senator John Warner of Virginia, every 5 miles per hour that a vehicle travels over 60 miles per hour will cost the driver or company $ 0.30 per gallon in fuel costs. At $ 4.00 a gallon that $ 0.30 represents 7.5% of the total cost. Traveling at 70 miles per hour will see you wasting 15% of yur budget on fuel.

Another technique is to idle less. According to reports a vehicle that idles for 15 minutes uses half a gallon of gasoline. Vehicles that are making deliveries or that are making frequent stops at highly trafficed intersections have a high likelihood to be idling for that long or more during any given day.

It is also show that even an idle time of as short as 30 seconds can benefit from having the vehicles engine turned off. That means that is far more fuel efficient to turn off and an turn back on the vehicle at very short stops or long traffic lights.

GPS fleet tracking is the technology that will help you as a manager know the information that you need to know to make these fuel saving tips a reality for you fleet. Often drivers are over concerned with getting done with their deliveries early so that they can get home early that they will push the speed limit. This may be good for them, but it is categorically bad for the business as it burns fuel for no real reason.

With the knowledge that GPS gives you can find out which drivers suffer from this problem and suggest to them these fuel saving techniques. You will also be empowering them to find other more efficient means of cutting down their work time by forcing them to optimize their routes and find new and inventive ways to meet customers needs in a timely fashion that doesn’t hurt the company.

This is another fuel saving tip – trip optimization. Making unnecessary turns is sure to cost your fleet fuel. By having an in-dash GPS system you will empower your drivers to know exactly where they are, where the client is, and the most efficient way to get there.

The savings begin to add up dramatically when you consider all these techniques together. Drivers that obey the speed limit, reduce idling, and optimize their routes will work better and reduce costs in our fuel based society.

Joe teaches people about GPS fleet tracking and about how to save money with GPS fleet tracking.

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