GPS Cell Phone – The Global Navigator

GPS cell phone is mulled to be a global navigator as it helps in easy navigation. Earlier cell phones emerged with GPS chips that helped in identifying victims calling 911 and could be attended immediately. Regrettably, this had limited use and hence the cell phone makers made use of GPS chips for more useful application. GPS cell phone has now gained high popularity in vehicles. Earlier, only top lined luxury cars came equipped with GPS navigation. But, now GPS cellular phone software is upgraded and is made to function identical to devices such as GPS navigation.

GPS cell phones of today are well-featured such that the desired destination can be keyed into. This technology is amazing and the practical use has increased the value of every GPS cellular phone. The device guides the user in a pleasing voice. These phones can be considered to be mini computers facilitating phone calls. The GPS tracking system is certainly a new assistance offered by the GPS cellular phones.

Any device having appropriate software and service package indicates the location and thereby provides information of all the adjacent areas, and also gives direction to reach your destination effortlessly. A city that you are unfamiliar may suddenly give a lost feeling. But, nowadays these latest technologies offer the exact direction and it is not difficult to know the exact place owing to the facility of global positioning system.

GPS cell phones can be conveniently used inside a vehicle. By subscribing for navigation service, you can get installed the software package enabling to receive driving directions through the receiver. GPS cell phone that is well-integrated is ideal to use outside the vehicle too. Such phones are available with other add-ons. These devices are of immense use to people traveling frequently. It is a wonderful gadget to track movement during navigation as their software has satellite coverage and the voice prompts guidance after every turn and features automatic routing. The user can also assign graphic symbols and names to each destination.

There are several brands and latest models of GPS cell phone coming with exclusive features. One thing worth remembering is that all the GPS cell phone modules do not get harmonized with all models of cell phone. For instance, the Nokia model 5140 can be improved to feature GPS and it offers typical mapping. There are other GPS module such as LAM-1 compatible with Nokia models 9210 and 9210i. This system gets converted into a navigator to acquire route direction. GO2Directory is a valuable application compatible with many other brands such as LG VX10, Motorola T720 and T730, Kyocera 3035e, Audiovox CMD9500 and 8600, and few more.

GPS cell phones offer information regarding nearby restaurants, hotels, gas filling stations and about other businesses as well. Some services such as getGoing facilitates with atlas book places to understand the map and directions. The GPS cell phone coming with GSM and satellite enables getting directions, location determination, storage of GPS positions up to 25 places and also location transmission through SMS.

Some software covers the Middle East, Europe, India and central and north Africa. The GPS cell phones come with built-in functions and supports enhanced services as global navigator. These functions can also be displayed on a PDA or laptop, if connected. Recently, almost all mobile phones are GPS enabled and come with in-built receiver or they can be connected with wires or through Bluetooth.

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