Getting Tracking, Quotes, and ETAs from Your Mobile Device

We live in a world where business is done increasingly on the fly. Executives are now living a mobile lifestyle, and either run their businesses from their computers or their cell phones, or is constantly on the move as they may manage more than one location. This mobile lifestyle has hinged around several key technological developments.

The first was the laptop computer, but more recently it has been the mobile hand held device, such as the blackberry, iPhone, or the Palm products which have defined the mobile executive lifestyle. It is from these products that entire companies are run, and that is why the average Las Vegas courier service is finding new ant inventive ways to integrate their services more completely with these devices.

The first thing that you would have to do to take advantage of most of these mobile services is to become an account holder with the courier company who offers them. Many of these services work on the courier software that these companies have installed on their servers and you will need to be able to access that in order to get the full functionality, which can only be done by opening an account with the company. You should have an account with a courier company if you ship more than just once and a while anyway.

The most basic feature of the mobile courier software is usually a tracking feature. From your blackberry or other hand held device it should be a very easy matter to access the courier’s tracking system, input your tracking code, and instantly see where your package is. Tracking is getting better all the time and with GPS devices now standard in many delivery vehicles, you can get a better idea than ever before as to where you package is exactly.

The other features are more advanced and might not be offered by all companies, but they can be very useful. With automatic shipping quotes, you can log in to the system and find out exactly how much it is going to cost to ship your next delivery. ETA estimates can let you know exactly how long it is going to take to ship that next load from Las Vegas to New York, Paris, or beyond, and can make it a lot easier to plan the next distribution cycle that your business faces all from the comfort of your hand held mobile device.

Scott Gallagher is an International Consultant for Las Vegas Courier Service. With exceptional knowledge of the Las Vegas Delivery Service , Scott is also becoming an expert with Local Internet Marketing.