Geocaching Is Easy With The Garmin 60 Cx

Do you enjoy geocaching? Or, do you simply want instructions to make your way around the city? The location and direction details provided by the Garmin 60 cx handheld GPS can meet almost any need. And it has some great features that provide additional benefits.

Finding your way in an unfamiliar city can be complex and difficult. But, with eighteen hours of battery life and turn by turn routing you will never fail to find your way. When you purchase the device it comes with a built in map for your region as standard. It is not limited to this though. Maps covering North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand can all be purchased and added to the system.

Hikers and campers will never get lost with a system that can pinpoint their location and tell them what direction they are traveling. The GPS receiver is sensitive enough to work in thick forests and deep canyons. It also has a waterproof case that protects it from accidental submersion. You won’t have to worry if you forget to take it off your belt before you wade through a river.

Playing geocaching games can be great fun for the whole family. You can get the kids to find the latitude and longitude coordinates on the net, then use the device to take you to the area the cache is hidden. Set the kids on a search for the hidden treasure while you enjoy discovering more of the parks and gardens that are in your local area.

Additional features that are included are; a hunting and fishing calendar, sun and moon information and a tracking log that can record ten thousand points and twenty saved tracks. It also has a belt clip so you don’t always have to hold it in your hand. A USB cable is provided so you can connect to your computer to load map data, transfer routes and waypoints.

Sometimes connecting devices to your computer can seem like a chore. If you are in a hurry to be on your way it can be downright annoying. Preloaded and blank memory cards can be purchased as accessories and can save you time. Car mounts are also a useful addition. And, if a belt clip is not your style why not look at the range of straps and lanyards that are available as accessories.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced GPS handheld device the Garmin 60 cx is a good choice. It can help you navigate the streets of the city and find your way in the wilderness. And, if you haven’t tried geocaching perhaps you should. Take the kids and have a day of family fun.

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