Fuel Theft Have Troubled Bigger Rental Companies

Fuel costs more and the people having more vehicles may feel very difficult to trace the expenditure of fuel for the vehicles. If there is vehicle business like car rentals then keeping a track of the fuel used is difficult. The people in the company or an outsider may rob the fuel. This brings about a heavy loss to the company. Fuel theft is the major headache for the companies using fuel for their business in abundance. Many companies are trying to cut costs but this theft does not allow for anything.

To trace the fuel theft it is better to use the fleet cards. The odometer readings are tracked by the fleet cards. There is an ID number of the card. The drivers name and the reading of the vehicle are on the card. Refueling time and also the number of times is noted by the fleet card. The company can now easily keep track of the fuel used by the vehicle. The drivers may feel unusual but the company finds a lot of benefit by using the fleet cards. GPS trackers also can be installed on the car to get the video recording proof of the driver’s activities.

The video camera placed in the car records the events taking place in the car. It is the silent proof for all the things happening in the car. The GPS tracker is one of the vehicle monitoring devices. This also records the events happening but from different angel. The GPS tracker is laced to face the road. If any vehicle is coming fast then also this tracker will find out. If the owner of the vehicle is not in the car he can monitor the car from any other place through his mobile too. If the car is used by unauthorized person then an SMS is sent to the owner.

Once an SMS is received the vehicle itself takes action. The fuel supply is stopped and the thief cannot rob the vehicle. The recording can be stopped or started according to the wish of the vehicle owner. There is a program which will give instructions to the tracker to start working. The camera used here is of high resolution giving the best picture of any incident. There are many types of video cameras used manufactured by different manufacturers. Some have only recording feature and some have many advanced features.
Vehicle monitoring devices helps the owner to protect his vehicle from vandalizing and thefts. Even if the car is handled roughly there will be indications in the video recording. Police also are feeling easier to solve many mystery cases with the help of the recoded stuff. The recordings have been proved to be the best proofs for the accident cases.

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