Fleet Management Tips – Why Vehicle Tracking Systems Should be Considered

If you are involved in vehicle fleet management, or are responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of a fleet of vehicles, then you will know only too well what a complicated business it can be. Fortunately, sophisticated vehicle tracking systems, GPS devices that provide detailed vehicle information can be used to monitor, manage and significantly improve fleet performance.

Anyone who has ever had the task of overseeing a fleet of vehicles will know full well what a tough job it can be. Whether you are responsible for 2 or 102 vehicles a fleet manager’s job has never been easy. There are an enormous number of vital considerations that you need to take on board. Matters as important as health and safety, financing, maintenance, fuel efficiency, driver performance and exact vehicle location all conspire to make fleet management an incredibly complex task.

It’s usually the case that the larger the fleet the bigger the headache. However, life needn’t be so hard: these days there’s a professional, popular and highly effective way of not only making your life easier, but also making your fleet more accountable, more efficient and more profitable in the process. The answer lies with vehicle tracking systems.

Have you considered the many benefits of employing Vehicle Tracking? GPS car tracking and vehicle tracking systems accurately monitor, measure and analyse vehicle and driver performance in real time. From teams of sales reps, fleets of heavy goods vehicles, taxis, ambulances to pool cars, tracking systems provide you with instant and easy access to all the information you need to make informed fleet management decisions.

There’s a whole range of information that can be collected to inform and strengthen your decision-making. Equipped with vehicle tracking information, mission critical diagnostics such as location, speed, timings and even detailed analysis relating to driver behaviour including idling time, braking and acceleration mean you are able to manage your fleet with far greater efficiency.

Take control of your fleet with vehicle tracking and car tracking. The pressures on your bottom line are many: inefficient driving, poor route planning, equipment failure and congestion, just to name a few. One of the biggest threats to the cost effectiveness of any fleet however, is the unauthorised use of your vehicles by staff for private purposes.

Irresponsibly regarded by some as a case of ‘what the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over,’ the costs to business of unauthorised use runs into the millions of pounds every year. How about using van tracking to make sure that your company isn’t one of those contributing to that figure?

If staff are just ‘borrowing’ a van or a car then you want to know all about it. Armed with the appropriate data you are in a position to take the appropriate action. Don’t get left in the dark and allow people to abuse your property behind your back. It’s your investment, your responsibility and your right to do what you need to do to protect your business. Wear and tear, out-of-hours accidents, unnecessary fuel consumption, and tax and insurance issues all contribute to increased costs and lower ROI.

Use vehicle tracking to protect your company against the risk of drivers using your vehicles for unauthorised personal use.

Kent Stabler – Marketing Manager – Chameleon Direct are suppliers of gps vehicle tracking systems, gps tracking devices, hands free car kits and speed camera detector equipment. Our vehicle tracking aims at helping improve your fleet management. With over 1 Million UK customers Chameleon Direct also provide hands free installation services.

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