Factors to Consider When Taking Out Motorhome Insurance

Taking out motorhome insurance is a little different than taking out normal car insurance. In order to make the best decision about the insurance you choose for your motorhome, there are some factors you should first consider.

Obviously, the cost of your motorhome insurance is important, but that should be balanced against how extensive the insurance is. Many insurers won’t insure self built motorhomes at any cost. Others add a hefty extra price tag and expensive engineer’s reports. A few insurance companies, like Shield Motorhome Insurance, are happy to insure self built motorhomes. They will even insure them from the time the policy is taken out, so there are not complications, delays or expenses in converting a policy from a van to a motorhome policy.

If you are seeking to have Shield insurance for a self-built motorhome there are several criteria that must be met. These are all standard safety features such as a side or rear door and a fixed gas or electric hob. There are seven in all and they are all listed on the Shield Motorhome Insurance website.
When you are comparing motor home insurance policies, be sure to read the fine print.

are you allowed to travel outside the UK to Europe for an extended period? Shield allows up to 180 days in a single trip!

What if you break down in Europe? Are you stuck there or does the policy include full recovery service to your home in Britain?

What about personal belongings? Can the policy you are considering match the £2000 for personal belongings that Shield offers?

You will probably be amazed to discover that Shield is not only fully comprehensive, but inexpensive as well! As long as you are over the age of 30, currently employed or retired and have had a UK driver’s license for at least a year, you will probably qualify for Shield Motor home Insurance. Should you Motorhome be worth over £40,000, it must have a GPS tracking device fitted.

Visit the Shield Insurance website today, for a free no hassle quotation.

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