Explore the Features of the Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i

If you are looking for a reliable GPS receiver that can provide highly detailed tracking within any state of the USA then you need not look any further than the Garmin Colorado 400i. This easily one of the very best Garmin handheld GPS receivers ever produced. This is thanks to its many amazing features that truly set it apart from other receivers on the market.

The touchscreen of the Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i places a variety of tools at your fingertips. The Colorado 400i features a barometric altimeter, a picture viewer, electronic compass as well as other features. The Colorado 400i is an advanced gps receiver with all the latest technology.

The display of this GPS device bears repeating. The three-inch diagonal, color display is crystal clear and easy to read. This allows greater ability to properly read the screens, which, in turn, makes it easy to decipher your location. Yes, the quality of the screen display often motivates people to purchase this particular model.

The most interesting aspect of this Garmin handheld GPS receiver is the fact that is reproduces a number of the wonderful blue lakes the state of Colorado is so well known for. This is no minor attribute for the receiver to possess. No matter what you wish to do in the scenic atmosphere surrounding these many lakes, you can always rely on your Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i to properly map out the vicinity. Of course, the map will be easy to read as the lakes and their surrounding vicinity are presented in crystal clear detail.

Anytime you adventure outdoors with a handheld gps you need a tough reliable unit you can rely on. The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i fits the bill for durable, reliable outdoor gps receiver. Not only is it tough but it is also waterproof. With the Colorado 400i you can spend your time enjoying yourself and not worrying about your handheld gps unit malfunctioning due to the elements.

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i like other Garmin handheld units allow you to share tracs, routes and present location with other Garmin handheld users. This feature can be used in various ways and not the least of benefits is being able to keep from out of touch. Others can follow your route to your location and vice versa.

The size of the Garmin handheld GPS unit is another major plus. This is a very small and thin device and that means it can be carried easily anywhere. You can simply slip it in your jacket pocket since it is not bulky or weighty. Then, when it is needed, you simply retrieve it. By being able to slip it into a pocket, the risks of losing the device are minimal.

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i unit is one of the best gps units available today. It is useful for any outdoor activity and is a superb gift for that special person that loves outdoor adventure.

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i contains maps and information on fresh water lakes across America. With the Colorado 400i your outdoor forays and fun are limitless.