Embedded Systems Engineering Design Services

Embedded Systems Engineering Design Services
With over 17 years of proven robust experience in understanding and solving the technical complexities, iWave, an embedded systems company based out of Bangalore, enables its clients to focus on their core competencies and succeed by shortening their product development life cycle, time to market and cost.
A highly skilled in-house Embedded Systems Engineering design services team offers services across multiple domains such as Industrial, Medical and Automotive.
Insight to iWave Embedded Systems Engineering Design Services and Solutions:
Industrial – iWave has aided many customers by providing embedded systems services and products jfor developing Industrial solutions like HMI, Digital Signage, Industrial Panel PC, Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Point-of-Sale (POS), etc.
Medical – iWave has rendered its embedded systems engineering design services to medical customers with solutions such as Wi-Fi enabled skin analyzer, eye testing equipment, fitness tracker, intra-oral camera, patient monitoring system, etc.
Automotive – iWave has extended its support in automotive domain by providing many embedded systems engineering solutions such as Bus ticketing machine, intelligent transport system, Golf Cart tracker, etc.
Engineering Design Services- From Concept to Market:
iWave provides one stop solution, wherein your ideas or concept is transformed to the end product and launched into the market.
We follow well defined project lifecycle involving design, implementation, review and arriving at engineering design service samples. iWave enables you to get various certifications like FCC, CE, UL, etc., by doing the needed pre-compliance and final certification tests. We have a strong ecosystem partnership for volume manufacturing of the product across the globe.
iWave always ensures quality at every stage of the project. iWave constantly urges to develop a long-term relationship with our clients by persistently multiplying the shared values. This enriched value creation, forces us to offer the best-in-class services to our clients in delivering their requirements on time.
Embedded Systems Engineering Design Services Expertise:
iWave provides complete turnkey embedded system development involving hardware, software and FPGA engineering design services. iWave has experience in high speed board design involving multilayer PCB and system on modules (SOM), single board computers (SBC), evaluation boards (around NXP i.MX6, Renesas RZ/G1M, TI DM8168 processors, Altera Cyclone V SoC and more).. iWave provides BSPs for different embedded platforms and embedded solutions along with OS/RTOS (Linux, Windows Embedded Compact, Android BSP, QNX, VxWorks, and ITRON) and device drivers. We provide FPGA design services including High Speed Bus interfaces, video processing, Data Acquisition and Multi-million gates complex designs. We provide solutions in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, GPS, GPRS, Displays (LCD, LVDS, and EPD) etc. With in-house Mechanical Enclosure design capability, iWave provides complete product solution including Enclosure, Rack / Sub Rack design.
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