Design Files

The GPS Cookie design is open source.  Feel free to modify the design and use it any way you wish.


GPS Cookie instructions:

  1. Format a 2GB – 16GB Micro SD card in Windows (MSDOS-FAT).  You can do this on a Windows or MAC based computer.
  2. Insert the SD card into the GPS Cookie slot
  3. With 2 fresh AAA batteries installed, turn on the GPS Cookie (slider switch)
  4. The red led should start blinking every second if the SD card is installed and formatted correctly.
  5. Take the Cookie outdoors and wait a few minutes for the GPS receiver to lock on to the satellites.  The led will start flashing green to let you know it is recording.
  6. Go for a drive, walk or bike ride and record the locations of everywhere you go.
  7. When you return, you can view the recorded data as a text file or open it directly in Google Earth via the “tools”, “GPS” menu.  Select the import (import from file) and load the data directly into Google Earth.

The USB port is for programming and debugging.  It will not read the SD card unless custom firmware is written by the user.  An external SD card reader should be used to import the data into Google Earth.