Control Fuel Costs by Tracking Car Movements

In these days of spiraling fuel prices there is nothing like a GPS car tracker for fleet management. It helps you to keep track of both fuel levels in the vehicle as well as routes used. Especially if your company offers delivery services or pool car services, then you need to keep track of the routes used. Certain routes are longer than others – using more fuel. If they are being used to save time by using less frequented roads, then that factor should be used to offset extra fuels usage. A pick up and drop service route needs to be planned according to both convenience as well efficiency. This means that the shortest route is chalked out and going back and forth over the same roads several times during a single trip is avoided.
A GPS car tracker for fleet management tells you the idle time at the drop-off or pick up destination as well as when a vehicle is not moving. It can be instrumental in avoiding travel black spots, circumventing road works and making it possible to find alternative routes when you are lost. Conscientious drivers can also use the data downloaded from their car to save money on fuel and insurance by choosing the most cost effective journey. It can help companies save on vehicle usage and monitor valuable goods, as well as employee habits and maintenance issues.
On the other hand, the mini GPS tracker is useful for keeping track of children and pets. With growing crime rates it is becoming more critical to know where one’s children are at any given time to prevent kidnappings and worse befalling them. If, Heaven forbid, they do fall prey to criminals, then you and the law enforcement authorities know how and where to find them. There is also the risk of growing children falling into wrong company. Since you can track their movements with the mini GPS tracker, which can be embedded into things like watches, pens and small items of jewelry, you will get to know of it before much goes wrong. Remember the old adage, “Better safe than sorry.”

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