Navotar is a cloud based solution which is specifically designed for independent and franchise vehicle rental companies who are looking to better handle daily bookings and overall business activities. Navotar is available at any time or place accessible through the internet by means of a computer, mobile or handheld device connected to the internet.
How does Navotar Help Navigate Your Business?
Navotar isn’t just another solution in the marketplace. We care about our customers and their success in this industry. The use of Navotar will not only simplify but greatly enhance the business processes of vehicle rental businesses.
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Easy to Learn and Use
The solution is designed to be user friendly with a small learning curve. Our support team provides free training until you are self-sufficient, and will provide continuous support throughout your journey with Navotar.
Designed With You in Mind
Our industry experience provides us with the know-how of your perspective for the solution with regard to: Customers, Vehicles, Contracts, Reservations, Rates, Maintenance, Reports and Administration features which are tailor-made and preconfigured to suit your needs.
24/7 Access with No Compatibility Issues
Navotar is fully cloud based and requires no software installation. There’s no need for any applications or programs installation on a physical server or computer as long as you have an internet enabled device.
Increase Your Customer’s Satisfaction
Navotar reduces your customer’s waiting time to check out a vehicle and helps identify your repeat customers. Damage reporting, invoicing, online reservations and single screen rental creation efficiency assists with swift service.
Quick Dashboard
Real-time updates of your vehicle status, rental status, alerts and sales are available to you on the homepage for quick overviews of business details. You can track the reservations and available vehicles for the day as well as see an overview of monthly sales in each location.
* Quick Check Out and Check In
* Vehicle Maintenance
* Cloud-Based Solution
* Online Reservation Booking Engine
* Franchise and Multiple User Management
* Mobile Applications

Owning and managing a fleet management business can be a handful, which is why we ensured that Navotar would be the perfect solution for you. Some of the features our software excels at are:
* Checking vehicles in and out
* Managing reservations
* Tracking available vehicles
* Tracing pending customer payments
* Assessing vehicle damages
* Automatic maintenance and servicing notifications
* Credit card swiper
* Mobile Phone signature pad
* Driver’s license verifier and scanner
* GPS and Vehicle Tracker

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Car rental management software and Fleet management software