Choosing the right pepper Spray

The increasing numbers of crimes being reported every day, especially
against women, are a clear indication that the world is becoming an
extremely unsafe place. As more and more women are venturing out
of their homes, the need for keeping themselves safe is also increasing.
Traveling late at night or walking through secluded areas are the most
common scenarios where the risk of any mishap is the highest. Thus,
you need to remain alert and careful of your surroundings all the time
and carrying a reliable tool, like pepper spray, with you can also help to
avert any unpleasant incident from taking place.
Your safety is now in your own hands, literally. Pepper Spray has emerged
as a non-lethal, yet highly effective, tool for self defense and can prove
life saving in emergency situations. Relied upon by innumerable women
around the world, pepper sprays have become essential for remaining
safe and secure in any kind of situation. Although it will not cause any
long term effect but will definitely give you enough time to reach a secure
The Pepper spray gun comes in a variety of options, each varying in terms
of use and strength. When choosing the right pepper spray, first thing to
be considered is its formulation, which are of three types: CS or
orthochlorobenzalmalonigtrile, CN or alphachloroacetaphenone and
OC or oleoresin capsicum. Out of these, OC is considered the most
effective, which contains hot pepper as its main ingredient. It works
instantly and causes temporary blindness. When inhaled, it can also
affect lung tissues, leading to uncontrollable coughing. There is also
mace pepper spray which is known to cause extreme pain and should be
used only when necessary.

The next aspect to look for in pepper spray for sale is its strength, which is
indicated in SHU or Scoville Heat Units. Commonly available OC is considered
to have a rating of about fifteen million SHUs. When sprayed the effects of the
spray can last for minimum 10-15 minutes to even an hour.

Another consideration should be the delivery of the spray from the container.
Generally pepper spray is released from container in various ways, like stream,
fog and foam. The sprays with fog and mist delivery method are considered
easier to use as you do not have to think about accuracy of your aim. However,
it is the stream which causes the most effect, but should be used by those people
who have confidence in their ability to aim right. You should also consider the
packing of the spray. Generally, it comes in a convenient packing and can be
carried easily by anyone.

As your safety, and even life, depends on this small tool, make sure to Buy
pepper spray only from a credible and renowned company. If you are planning
to buy pepper spray online then it is better to compare the products of two or
three renowned companies. You can read the reviews posted by people online,
who have already tried this product as it will give you a better idea about the
effectiveness of the product that you are considering to buy. It is only after a
good research that you should choose Pepper spray India which you think
will be most useful. Although you will find plenty of manufacturers offering
these things at very cheap price, it is better to never compromise on the
quality just to save a few bucks.

Another useful product, which can ensure complete safety of you and your
loved ones, is the personal tracker. It is a portable and light weight tool which
you can easily carry in your handbag or pocket. It helps to capture the precise
location of the user, irrespective of the weather conditions, which is then sent to
a laptop or PC. Similarly, a vehicle tracker is used to locate vehicles with its
monitoring system which is permanently activated. Along with location, it can
also help to track the vehicle performance, mileage and even speed analysis.
Apart from personal use, GPS vehicle tracker is a great tool for businesses
and companies which need to keep an updated record of their vehicles.

Remember, if your work involves travelling at odd hours or you live alone,
then pepper spray is a must have for you. Also make sure that you have a
personal tracker with you, so that your loved ones are always aware of your
whereabouts and can provide instant help in case of any emergency..

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