Cheers To A Memorable Childhood

The miracle of life is equally as exhilarating to the receiver as it is to the giver and though God is the sole creator of life, a new life gets channelled through mothers: for only they can bear the sweet pain of the long wait of the blessing that is to enter her life. She sacrifices all her good and bad habits, her hours of undisturbed sleep, her never aching back and more. Everything for that little blessing that watches all her struggles with enthusiasm and joy.
A father’s role however could be considered a bit easy as compared to a mother’s role but, it is really not so for he is the one who takes care of both the mother and the child. His soft words coo the little one to sleep like magic, his light pat on the mother’s belly can fill her heart with positivism and hope. Even he comes to understand how much influence his tender care can affect the baby when the baby gifts him the first kick or a slight move in the tummy.

Thus, both, equally participative in the baby’s nurturing pray and hope for their child’s health and ever sparkling smiles…

It might interest you to know that Science has discovered:

– An unborn baby in the mother’s womb can also hear and indentify sounds. And, your baby just might recognise it after birth!

– An unborn baby can begin to have hiccups and it might feel to you as tapping.

– An unborn baby’s eyes open at 27 weeks and the baby begins to distinguish light from dark.

– It takes only one month for the unborn baby to develop its heart and start using it.

– From 26 weeks, the baby can begin to cry in the womb and reaching 32 weeks, he can identify his mother’s laughter.

– Your little one might even begin to have dreams by 30 weeks in the tummy.

– At 28 weeks, your baby can start smelling things through you.

– Your new born baby will have 300 bones in that tiny body!

Amazing, right? So, let’s preserve this tiny miracle as much as we can and through every way we know. Let’s give him a pillow of safety and a blanket of connectivity when he travels to and from his school. Let’s bring this miracle of ours forever in our reach through the Eschool travel mobile app brought by Javin.

Eschool travel creates a virtual link between children, parents & school authorities through GPS tracking of the school bus driver’s mobile phone. Its simplistic, futuristic but, most importantly it is the most ideal school travel tool for parents of those children whose schools are located a bit far. This revolutionary product empowers parents to never lose touch of their child’s wellbeing when he/she is travelling on the school bus.

Eschool travel is a newly launched mobile application product brought to the technology world by the company Javin, which is a team of experienced professionals that are revolutionising the smart phone world through their futuristic Internet-of-things based products. They believe in progressive innovation for creation of products that will assure a smarter living. Their prime focus is to provide enhanced, effective and simplistic user experience to their valued customers through continuous evaluation and our structured quality processes. Eschool travel pledges to take the smart phone era to a new and unmatched horizon. It aims to make the society a better and safer place for one & all, beginning with the future of the society- the school going children. It pledges to evolve parents into smarter parents and their kids’ school travelling into safer and protected travelling through their mobile application named- eschool travel mobile app.

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