Cell Phones And Young Children

If you have a young child, it won’t be too long once they begin school that they start asking for a cell phone. Whenever the first kid in class gets one, it will make every other kid in that class run home and ask for one. Luckily, there are some cell phones for kids that are a better choice than getting them a full-fledged adult phone.

Cell phones for children should be easy to understand, simple to use, and not have too many features. Programmable buttons are great because you can put in the important numbers you want your child to have access to. You wont have to worry about them having to imput the numbers themselves or find them on a scrolling screen of numbers.

Most people would recommend some sort of pay as you go plan to make sure your child doesn’t start out by using too many minutes. There are many prepaid plans to choose from and if you get one of them you, the parent, is still in control. Even if it is just for a year or two, a prepaid plan can help teach your child how to handle the responsibility of having a cell phone.

Some kids phones come with a GPS tracker which is real nice for parents who are paranoid and want to keep tabs on their child all the time. With all the news about child abductions and such, many parents want to keep as close track of their children as possible and this is a very useful feature for them. Although the GPS phones cost more, they are well worth it for the peace of mind if you are a parent that worries.

One of the most popular kids cell phones is called Firefly and it has some preprogrammed keys that you can use to put in Mom’s number and Dad’s number. Additionally you can program it to only accept calls from 20 numbers that you approve. The younger your child is, the more likely they will want a phone like this that is fun looking for them and has the safety features you as a parent want.

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