Cell Phone Tracking Software without Install Tracking App to Target Phone

What is Cell Phone Tracking?

Cell phone tracking refers to monitoring the activities and communications of a specific cell phone or mobile phone. Cell phone tracking can also be referred to as specifically tracking the location of the cell phone but for the purposes of this article we are talking about more global monitoring features. To track a cell phone requires the install of some sort of tracking application. As you’ll see below there are two different types of monitoring software programs. One type gets installed directly to the target phone. The other type is installed to a laptop or desktop computer. Features of mobile monitoring software include monitoring its calls both incoming and outgoing, monitoring its text messages sent and received, monitoring location of the phone referred to as GPS tracking, monitoring e-mails sent and received, monitoring or tracking photographs and video captured by the target phone.

Why Track a Cell Phone?

Why somebody would choose to track somebody cell phone varies from person to person. The most common reason for monitoring a cell phone is a person in a relationship who suspects the other partner or spouse of infidelity. By installing the tracking application to the target device and monitoring all of that phones communications the suspicious spouse can see exactly who their partner is communicating with and where they go which hopefully would confirm or deny their suspicions of infidelity. The second most popular use of mobile tracking software is a parent who wants to become a better parent by monitoring the activities and communications of their son or daughter cell phone

Types of Cell Phone Tracking Software

There are two types of tracking software. Remote and non-remote. Generally non-remote spy software has more spy features and is better than remote. Remote phone spy software, legitimate remote phone spy software, can monitor the phones calls, text messages and e-mails sent and received. Additional spy features are not possible with remote phone spy software. The more advanced spy features mentioned above are reserved for non-remote phone spy software. The main reason someone would choose remote tracking software over non-remote tracking software is there no way to get a hold of the target phone to install the spy program to it. Installing the program directly to the target phone is a requirement of non-remote spy. Remote spy is actually a computer software program you can install to a laptop or desktop PC.

Tracking Cell Phone Remotely

When using remote phone tracking software you need to be cautious as there is many unreliable and ineffective remote phone tracking software advertised on the Internet. The way you can tell if the remote phone spy is legitimate or not is if they claim features that are not possible with the remote tracking software. If the website claims you can listen to live cell phone conversations or remotely activate the target phone’s microphone for audio surveillance then steer clear. These more advanced features are absolutely not possible with a remote phone monitoring software program.

If you wish to download a cell tracker software program please do so responsibly and make sure to adhere to laws in your state regarding cell phone tracking and monitoring.