Car rental system

Owning and managing a fleet management business can be a handful, which is why we ensured that Navotar would be the perfect solution for you. Some of the features our software excels at are:

* Checking vehicles in and out
* Managing reservations
* Tracking available vehicles
* Tracing pending customer payments
* Assessing vehicle damages
* Automatic maintenance and servicing notifications
* Credit card swiper
* Mobile Phone signature pad
* Driver’s license verifier and scanner
* GPS and Vehicle Tracker

Navotar is a cloud based solution which is specifically designed for independent and franchise vehicle rental companies who are looking to better handle daily bookings and overall business activities. Navotar is available at any time or place accessible through the internet by means of a computer, mobile or handheld device connected to the internet.

Startup Starter Package
Have you just ordered your vehicles and are you looking for a service provider to optimize and extend your online presence AND one to provide you with world-class fleet management services?

At Navotar, we want to support entrepreneurs entering the industry to help them find success and thrive in the industry.
We created this startup bundle package to help get those new to the industry to started within just 2 weeks.

The Startup Starter Package is a reduced rate packaged to encourage new startups to focus on key business operations and help you get started.
* Navotar Car Rental Management Solution
* Navotar Online Reservation Plugin
* Personalized Website Design and Development
* SEO and Digital Marketing

Rental Website Development
At Navotar we can direct your business towards success in any territory with using website design, SEO and marketing services through our extensive knowledge of global auto rental industry.

The e-commerce websites we develop for our clients are customized towards their needs; they are mobile friendly, provide hosting capabilities and payment support along with an optional Reservation plugin for customers to reserve their vehicles online.

Rental Digital Marketing
SEO, PPC, and SMM are all methods of increasing your web traffic and market reach. At Navotar we ensure your business flourishes amidst your competitors and is easily accessible to prospective clients.

The auto rental marketplace is our specialization. We will navigate your business into any territory successfully with proven results through our services.

Custom Development
Our team of developers have years of experience designing websites along with management software and mobile app solutions. For all fleet management companies alike, being up to date with the most efficient and popular online customer access points is essential for success.
We care about you and your business.Eeven if you don’t sign up for our services, get an idea of what you need to improve your presence in the marketplace. Our managerial and development experience in the auto rental industry and our partnership with Creo 360 provide us with the expertise to turn your business into a successful venture.

Navotar is the most economical and easy to use cloud based car rental management, Car rental booking software solution designed specifically for managing your vehicle & Fleet management software.

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