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GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
Traccia is a fully-functional Fleet Management System that merges GPS technology with affordable wireless technology provided by leading telecom companies. The result is easily accessible information on a vehicle’s location, stops, idling and mileage that can be quickly analyzed to yield benefits in efficiency and cost reductions. The operations side of your business can make your fleet run more smoothly by accessing GPS location information using our web application or by calling our 24×7 control room.

Fleet managers are now empowered to have the convenience of point-and-click access to an entire fleet and get an insight into the activities of all the vehicles either individually or the fleet as a whole.

Vehicle Tracking
Traccia combines GPS technology and wireless communications and uses internet and digital maps to provide a complete solution for all your fleet management and tracking requirements. Traccia’s Mobile Location Tracking Modules maintain continuous GPS location, direction and speed information and combine that with important threshold parameters like speed limits, idling limits, geofences and time fences as defined by the customer to trigger alerts on exceptions.

Vehicle location information is delivered from the vehicle via satellite communication using GSM technology and robust GPS equipment which is mounted on the vehicle, insuring that data is uninterruptedly transmitted. All mobile resource data is received, stored and analyzed at the Traccia Network Operations and Data Center with fault tolerant infrastructure.

Vehicle telematic data is accessed by logging on to Traccia eTrack application via web browser from any computer connected to the internet. From this application, reports are generated, alerts set and all monitoring is performed.

Traccia is a GPS vehicle tracking system, which is rapidly becoming a vital tool for many business owners. In fact, nearly all businesses who have a large vehicle fleet are considering tracking systems as a way to improve their efficiency and in effect, increase profitability.

The essential benefits that Traccia brings to the user are:

Lower Fuel Consumption

Traccia web being equipped with automated alerting systems like time fence, geofence combined with the ability to track the nearest available vehicle and deploy them helps the customers to control the fuel consumption thereby having a direct impact on the bottom line. The features that will help realise this benefit are

Nearest vehicle locator
Time Fence
Speed Alerts
By the ability to maximise mileage by the ability to despatch nearest available vehicles and enforcing good driving practices through real time monitoring and alerting systems, fleet owners are able to lower fuel costs. Minimizing idle time and eliminating unauthorised usage of vehicles for personal purposes has a direct bearing on fuel consumption.

Reduce Personal Use

Traccia web allows customers to ensure that the fleet is not used for personal purposes and unauthorized trips. This is achieved through the usage of

Geofence’s alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves a defined location and time fence alerts when vehicle movement is observed during a defined time interval which provides the fleet owner the ability to shield the vehicles appropriately to arrest unauthorised usage of any sort.

Fleet Productivity

Fleet owners can see a significant increase in the run time of vehicles on introduction of real time tracking can keep track of idle hours, lunch breaks etc. The features that will help realise this benefit are

By effective use of the above functions, obvious results are observed in Fleet productivity and it can be noted that efficient employees stand out which can be considered for incentives.

High visibility of operations

Traccia web facilitates high levels of visibility of operations and ensures that all users are provided with a common operating picture to monitor and track vehicle movements.The features that constitute to achieve this are

MIS Reports
Autogenerated reports
Traccia web with the above powerful features streamlines the fleet operations to a great extent and relieves the burden of tracking the whereabouts of its vehicles.

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