Are all GPS Pet Locators The Same?

When the kids brought that darn little puppy home in a box you swore that you would not get attached to her. Now she seems almost as much a part of the family as they are. You just went to get her out of her kennel and now she is gone. If only you had bought that GPS pet locator you saw at the pet store last time you were there.

Perhaps your beloved pet ran through your legs as you opened the door to let a guest in and now you cannot find her. Once again, it would have been so nice to have had a GPS unit attached to her collar before she ran away.

If only you had a GPS locator on that pets collar like the one in your car. Then you could know immediately where the pet is at.

While some of the units come attached to their own collar, others will fit onto your pets own collar. This allows them to be used on any sized dog. Earlier units worked best on medium sized dogs. The newer ones have solved this problem. As long as the dog has it’s collar, you can find its location almost anywhere.

There are two types of services available for your pet. One allows you to set a boundary within which to pet can roam freely. If the pet crosses the boundary, then you will be alerted, either by cell phone call or by e-mail if you are not available on the cell. You will have the pets location and immediately be able to start your search.

The second unit type does not use the set boundary, but allows you to send the system an alert if your pet is missing. The service sends a signal to start the GPS unit and then the location is relayed to you.

There are some limitations to GPS pet locators. Some terrain causes them to not work as well as they do in others. In addition, some of the locators do not work for the smaller dogs.

If you choose the correct device, it can be used for almost any dog.

Some of these units even have a button that can be pressed by a stranger who finds your pet. A signal is sent to the service including the location of the pet and that location is relayed to you.

People often pay thousands of dollars in rewards for pets that have gone missing. A GPS pet locator only costs 99 dollars plus the small monthly service charge. This is a great deal for those pets that we love so much.

In addition to a pet getting out of his or her kennel or the door, today, we have the worry of pet thieves. There are people that will steal you dog to sell to someone else. If your pet has a GPS pet locator around his or her neck, the likelihood of recovery is much greater.

Give your pet the best protection available and he or she will be your friend for a long time.

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