All You Wanted To Know About Asset Trackers

Whether small or big, whether very expensive or comparatively cheaper, almost all of us own some assets. Thus, remaining concerned about the security of these assets is a thing that torments each one of us. While lockers, digital locks or combination locks have been some of the traditional options for safeguarding the assets, the new state of the art GPS AVL enabled assert trackers are doing their work quite effectively at present.

If you have already started feeling curious about these new age Asset Tracking Devices and want to know more about them, start reading ahead.

Q. What are these new age asset trackers?

Ans. The new age asset trackers are devices that run on GPS technology. These GPRS enabled devices track the present location of a physical
asset by means of gathering data of its current location and send the information to the owner of the asset via his email or other electronic system. As a result, the owner is able to identify the location where his lost asset is at a particular situation. However, some of these Asset Tracking Devices also come without this GPS technology. They scan the bar code or other sign present in a physical asset, and record all the relevant information connected with it. Thus, on occasions of loss of these physic cal assets the information help the owner in tracking them.

Q. What is the difference between GPS enabled asset trackers and RIF enabled asset trackers?

Ans. The fundamental difference between GPS enabled asset trackers and RIF enabled asset trackers is in their technological mechanism. While the GPS enabled devices make use of the electromagnetic field of a particular device for identifying its current location, as the name conveys the GPS enabled devices is based on global positioning system. With the help of GPS system, the owner of a particular asset is able to track the location of his asset anywhere, anytime and in any weather condition. It needs mentioning here that the function of GPS is more extensive and more efficient in comparison to RIF enabled system.

Q. Does the traditional system of tracking an asset function similarly as that of the GPS enabled system?

Ans. Absolutely not. The traditional system chiefly depends upon manual method. Thus, the devices that are employed for tracking assets manually can only scan the bar code or other such identifying signs present in an asset with the help of any dedicated equipment. The equipment can be either a bar code reader or a smart phone that comes with specialized camera and asset tracking application. On the other hand, the GPS enabled devices works globally, and make use of a combined technology of global positioning system and mobile or satellite network for tracking the location of a lost or misplaced asset.

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