Advanced Phone Technology Can Cut Both Ways

Phone technology has moved so fast that you need to be a techie to be able to even operate the latest models. The point to keep in mind is that just as technology is moving fast, quite often technology to counter some of them is moving faster. Phone and GPS jammers are useful in offices where sensitive information is stored and transmitted, especially to thwart industrial espionage. These jammers can be strategically placed in office areas where most of the vital functions are taking place. The other appliance which is very useful for countering industrial espionage is the mini telephone recorder which is digital and can be hooked up to your PC.

Even if your company doesn’t work with cutting edge technology or sensitive information you still need to watch out for industrial espionage to ensure that nobody is stealing your records, particularly databases, or your money. It isn’t simply loss of money but more importantly loss of confidence in a company due to lack of corporate security which makes it vital to thwart it. A mini telephone recorder comes in very useful as it becomes the source of important personal or business dialogue. All the conversation that is recorded on this machine has connectivity to the PC and can be uploaded on the same. In the office you can use it track which, if any, of your employees is using office equipment or information for private gain. Make sure that the software you use with it offers ample memory space to record long conversations.

The phone recorder gives an accurate word-to-word account of your conversations and can also be used for filtering the unnecessary calls. Some of these instruments also have MP3 players, audio bug detection facility and also listening devices. Some of the detective agencies also use the voice recorder as a spy ware and collect information through hidden recorders. However, you can counter the effects of someone trying to spy on your negotiations with experts and business associates by using phone and GPS tracking jammers. You might want to keep the location of sensitive meetings and use these with savvy.

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