A Guide To Vehicle Tracking Systems

Vehicle tracking is not just about fitting a tracking device into a certain vehicle and letting another remote piece of hardware home in on the device whenever the need arises. Vehicle tracking is a technology, and like most technologies it has undergone great changes ever since it was first introduced for use within the shipping industry. In addition, like most technologies, vehicle tracking requires a system of some sort for it to operate to its fullest potential.

A vehicle tracking system is a set or collection of electronic devices used to track down the located of a certain vehicle by its owners or other third party groups. The scope of these systems also includes the protocol these electronic devices use in order to communicate with each other and perform their functions as intended.

Modern day vehicle tracking systems include:

GPS – This is perhaps the most inexpensive kind of tracking system used by ordinary citizens. The GPS is a satellite system, controlled and maintained by the government. It’s the most common kind of vehicle tracking today.

GPS has many user-friendly functions. For one, because it uses satellite tracking, it doesn’t need a direct line with the sky. This makes it more efficient and reliable in numerous ways. GPS’s efficiency is even preferred by numerous law enforcing automobiles, and it’s considered their most common way of tracking vehicles.

LoJack- The name of this vehicle tracking system is supposed to be comical, derived from the word “hijack”. This tracking device is manufactured and produced by the LoJack corporation.

Just like GPS, LoJack is a very efficient kind of vehicle tracking system. Based on actual tests, this device is said to have a 90% efficiency rate when it comes to vehicle recovery. LoJack also helps prevent car theft. According to one study, this and systems like it generally helps lessen the occurrence of carjacking.

Another type of vehicle tracking systems is the LORAN, which uses radio frequency similar to LoJack.

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