A Child Safety Tips Discussion and an Amber Alert GPS Are Both Important

A child safety tips talk with your child needs to go along with your new GPS child locator. (If you’ve not gotten one as yet, I will tell you about that in a moment.) Gauge the strength of your topics to the age of your child, of course, but don’t be surprised if they know more than you expect.

Generally children are not as innocent about such things as safety and strangers as the parents think they will be. Initiating such a talk can be very welcome to the child who has questions she didn’t know how to ask. Children do get misinformation, at times. It is always good to clear that up.

You have probably already told them not to talk to strangers, or to get into strange cars. Have you told them not to go into a public bathroom alone? How about the lost puppy trick, have you told them about that?

A child safety tips talk should also include how important it is to scream, as loud and long as they can. If they are frightened, they should not hesitate to scream.

Does your child know how to reach 911? And why? How about how to reach you. Work number and cell? Writing those numbers on the inside of his back pack will help.

What to do in case of a disaster is another good topic for this child safety tips talk. When the children help in making emergency plans, and their ideas are listened to, they remember the plan better. A good suggestion for your teens who may wander the whole neighborhood is that you will find them where you last saw them. Was it at home, ok, or had you dropped them off at the South Mall?

I said I would tell you about the personal size Amber Alert GPS child locator. You are familiar with the large Amber Alert lighted signs along our nations highways. Now you can have that protection in a device tucked into your child’s pocket and signaling back to your cell phone exactly where she is.

I don’t have the room here to tell you all the child safety tips I would like to. Nor all about the Amber Alert GPS. It has many special benefits which are such a help in keeping our children safe. But you can learn more by going to to www.squidoo.com/child-locator. While you’re there look for the promo code that gives you a huge discount on the purchase price!

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