A Brief History of GPS Products and Military-Based GPS Navigation Systems

GPS systems and GPS products contains a broad range of GPS technologies, product types, and companies serving all types of industries. The GPS navigation products and the original set of satellites were developed by the government. They still, to this day, continue to maintain the technology.

The entire GPS system is an integrated system of 24 satellites that orbit the earth and through the navigational process of triangulation can pinpoint a location anywhere on earth where a GPS product is searching for a signal. A couple of years ago, the government allowed for the creation and everyday use of the system for retail GPS products.

Technology insiders all predict that GPS products will become just as common and such a day to day utility as cell phones are now. In a few years, GPS products will be incorporated into just about everything and make it incredible hard to loose things; be it cars, dogs, or kids. GPS products and navigation systems can replace all the maps in your car and ensure that you get to your destination on time and with all of your kids in toe.

Many GPS products come bundled with mapping software and can give you driving directions, show you different routes to avoid road work, and can help you find your way through a foreign city. In the process of actually driving somewhere, many GPS products can verbally direct you to the neighboring gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest in a step by step manner.

Most GPS products have varying levels of sensitivity. There are positioning technologies that allow common people to find way around and are generally non-military like. The other category of GPS is military specific with much more detailed tracking and mapping capabilities. The military grade GPS can scan the picture from a satellite or read a newspaper headline. This type of precise military positioning will eventually be in the hands of the general public, much like standard GPS products did in the beginning.

The unique parts of GPS are the grouping of satellite positioned around the world in a synchronous orbit, the ground monitoring and relay equipment, and the end user GPS products used in cars, boats, and construction related equipment. The satellites are in low earth orbit and broadcast signals to the average person’s GPS product or hand held GPS device. The ground control network continually monitors the satellites and the quality of the signals being captured and calculated. The consumer’s GPS products are designed to receive signals from the overhead satellites and a computer built into the GPS system stored locally.

Today’s cars, vans, and trucks come with a variety of GPS related products and services built into the dash. Most people have heard of On Star and other emergency related GPS products that add security to those who drive a lot or with little children. The car-based GPS products provide a unique offering in that they span between safety and entertainment features.

GPS products can entertaining just by listening to the foreign accent of the narrator, they can also become can leave home without products to aid in safety for family or business travel. GPS products calculate and display the position and speed of the user and determine where they are and how fast they are moving at any time at any location across the world. This makes GPS products worth weight in gold for automobiles. For rental cars and managers of fleet vehicles, GPS products and related tracking technology has meant a big increase in efficiency and predictability of deliveries.

There are many accessories available for GPS products and navigation systems. Systems with voice output are a great help as they do not create the slightest distraction for the driver. Everybody could use one and everybody can use one, because you really do not need any special skill to drive a car with a GPS product or navigation system installed.

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